Sunday, March 17, 2013

Buddy Boy. Buddy Boy. Buddy Boy....Should Read "Foodie Boy..."

The Buddy Boy is learning. He's broadening his horizons and becoming a gourmand right before my eyes.

When first we met Buddy in the kitchen, he just wasn't too sure of people food. Yeah. Sure. It SMELLED good, but once the plate got down on the floor it was "WTF IS THIS?????" accompanied by a hurt look, a cold shoulder and retreating butt.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Buddy is positively relishing new food experiences. He's learned white corn tortillas are really yummy. Many varieties of home made soups are made for drooling over and scarfing down as fast as possible. Home made treats smelling of peanut butter, vanilla and banana are to be consumed quickly before an intruder makes off with it. And well, then there are the Cracker Jacks...there is absolutely nothing better for dessert.

But...really...seriously the BEST stuff is bowtie pasta with some pumpkin sauce and Parmesan Reggiano cheese grated on top.

That said, this boy simply will not touch the peas in his Grammy's Pot Pie and the evening ritual of everyone snacking on  piece of banana just leaves him positively cold. Somehow I doubt his horizons are ever going to be broad enough for that. :)

(And for those of you wondering how his medical issues are going, he has good days and good nights/bad nights. He's got some allergy issues that kick off his coughing, but overall, this dog is doing just beautifully. We know that can change at any time, but for the time we have him he'll be loved and pampered and Randall and I both consider ourselves fortunate that Buddy has let us be part of his life...for however long we're all together.)

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