Saturday, July 27, 2013

Buddy Update July 27, 2013

I'm a bad, bad, bad blogger. No Buddy update in weeks. I promise I'll get a substantive post done in the next few days, but the quick and dirty is that Buddy marked his 6 month anniversary with us on Wednesday, and since he as listed as 15 1/2 at the Irving shelter when Dawn pulled him, I decided we'd make it a doubly special day by having it be his birthday. Probably not exactly on the mark, but we're close.

He's also doing very well except for one minor issue....this 16 year old, congestive heart failure, NEUTERED dog has gotten it in his mind that the 13 year old, SPAYED dachshund bitch is in season. Go figure.

So tonight, Dixie was unceremoniously dumped in the sink and bathed. And right after that, the distinguished, but much misguided, senior Buddy got one as well. You know what they say about cold showers....

Anyway, these illustrate beautifully what Buddy thinks of the entire bath business.

And the afterbath...