Bridge Babies

Our animals shepherd us through certain areas of our lives. 
When we are ready to turn the corner and make it on our own… 
they let us go. 
~Author unknown

Those we have lost

Those of us who have been owned and loved by animals know the hardest part of the relationship is letting go. Whether the pet leaves for the Bridge on its own or is helped by us, the loss, pain and grief can be tearing and long lasting.

Making the choice to help seniors means that, yes, these passings are more frequent than if we aided younger dogs, but we know there is no love like that of a senior and, because of that, the time we have with them is all the more precious.

In setting up this page I had to decide if I only wanted to show the senior fosters who have run off to the Bridge or if I wanted to also include the dogs my husband and I have had through our lives. I decided it was more fitting to remember each of them. After all, each had blessed and enriched our lives for the time we had with them, and our happy memories are fuller because of their time with us. 

Foster Kids

Journey's of Elvis (Archived) 

Padre's story 

Aggie's Story 

Buddy's Story 

Randall's babies 

Chiquita - 2 3/4 lbs

Ninita - 3 lbs

Bonita - 8 lbs

Donna's Babies


Gusto (Ch. Gingerbred's Black In A Flash, CG)

Dustin (MorCara's Dust In Time)

Karra (Ch. Teakwood's Your Wildest Dream)

Conor (MorCara's Caravan of Dreams)

Brenna (MorCara On Wings Of A Dream)

Whimsy (MorCara Flights of Fancy)

MorCara's Haley


  1. I Miss Haley :( wierd how she reminds me so much of my Rita .... xox

    1. Haley's loss was a tough one, Amelia, because she was the end of my breeding. She was so much like her father, Gusto, that when I lost him in 2000, I felt I still had him with me. Losing her meant saying goodbye to all of them again...and this time forever.