Monday, March 4, 2013

Gigi and her mouth...

Well, today is Monday, March 4, and tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5, sweet little Gigi is heading in to my vet clinic for a good, and WAY overdue dental (I also would like them to clip her nails way back while she's under).

She was in a couple of weeks ago, and her anemia is to where my vet feels comfortable doing her mouth work. We've had her on an increased dose of Clindamycin for two weeks, so her infection should be lessening. And all in all, I'm really looking forward to getting this done.

Gigi needs to move on to Houston for her oral nasal fistula repair and then to her new foster home while she awaits adoption. She's a sweet and happy little girl, but we currently have one dog more in residence than my husband feels comfortable handling. Plus, Gigi isn't going to be healthy until those teeth are taken care of.

So tomorrow is the big day for this little girl. I will try to blog a quick update tomorrow afternoon after she comes home, but it may have to wait until Wednesday.

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