Friday, March 8, 2013

Gigi is moving on....

Bittersweet news.

Gigi will be leaving us Sunday afternoon and heading to Houston for her date with the oral surgeons and Linne. Once she's done there, she'll move on to her new foster home while she waits for her forever family.

This is what was always planned for her, so we're both happy that she's beginning the next chapter of her life, and sad that she's leaving this chapter of her life with us behind.

Unfortunately, her dental was completely cancelled this week. The oral nasal fistula was just gapingly huge and there is a second one coming up on the other side of her mouth. I wasn't at the clinic at the time, but did talk with Dr. Walthall and she was not happy with the way she looked. Her feeling was she needed to go under once and only once to have the cleaning/extractions/repairs done, and the repairs needed to be done in Houston.

Also, she went ahead and pulled blood and the anemia was showing as roaring back. As in the number showed her as having lost 2/3 of what she was in February. That right there would have slammed the brakes on, but couple it with the fact this dog does NOT look or act anemic, and it's led us to think there is something else going on.

Regardless, this is something best addressed in Houston where she can get the kind of care she can't really get here if it's related to her mouth.

So Sunday afternoon we'll hug and kiss little Gigi goodbye. We'll miss her, but we're also hopeful this is the second step in her journey to a permanent home.

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