Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Reviving the blog and introducing Pickles

Wow. Two years without an update, and I won't ever do that again. LOL

Loving an Old Dog is back. We're bringing in a new foster dog tomorrow...Pickles. She appears to be a much younger than we first thought Bark N Rest senior foster. And a real novelty...we think she's young enough, and healthy and can be adopted.

Our job is to provide her with a safe haven for as long as she needs it, assess her temperament, and put her on a diet. A quick meeting before she was whisked off to her vet intake showed a VERY well fed little girl. To the tune of probably 3 pounds better fed than she should be.

We're now in Garland, and I am VERY happy to have left Waco. So updates will be done from what was once my mother's house, and we'll be tracking the doings of Pickles. She's a Buddy look alike, and will be MY Chi...for as long as she's here. :)

Pickles in the Irving shelter January 2015

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