Sunday, February 8, 2015

So stinking adorable....

Said my friend, Jennifer, when she stopped by and saw Pickles today.

And she is. And sweet, sweet, sweet. And friendly as she can be. Loves people and just knows if someone came by they came by to see her. (You can tell from this photo that Pickles loves to be held.)

Today we got a weight on this girl. The vet had her at 11.7 (that was 2/4), the shelter had her at 12.2 on intake a few days before. We got 10.8.

Now I know she's not lost a pound since she got her on Wednesday, but we have to start somewhere, and this is our beginning. I suspect she's lost a few ounces since Wednesday, but now we know where we are and we'll do twice a week weighings on her to track her weight loss.

On to the better stuff.

Pickles loves to play. We're trying out different chew toys, but I don't have a lot here since most of my dogs are of advanced age and don't really play (and some don't have teeth).

She wants to hide the chew bones I have here, though one is big enough she can't budge it, so I put it in her crate when I laid down for a nap hoping it would help with her barking (it didn't).

She adores dragging blankets around the house. I have a bunch (Thank you Wrapped In Love Blankets!!), and they keep disappearing. A quick turn around the house finds them where she got tired of dragging them. She also likes to chew on them, which is why I'm doing chew bones. I suspect Pickles could be destructive if left to her own least right now, and I can't take the time to work through this since my remodel starts again on Tuesday. So unlike the others who get to hang out on pillows and in baskets when I take an afternoon nap, Pickles is crated. She loves her crate...when it's her idea.

At night she's crated, and she barks for 30-45 minutes, but right now I'm giving her half a benadryl with the end of the day peanut butter, and that helps calm her. Eventually that will stop as we get further along, but for now that's what we do. Her separation anxiety is still in evidence, so we want to help her through this as much as we can.

She is still getting along just fine with the pack (two senior Chihuahuas of varying ages, two senior mini-longhair dachshunds and an ancient, blind mini-smooth dachshund), and she's doing OK with the cats.

I'm leaning heavily towards the "housebroken" side of things. She definitely loves going outside in pretty weather, and she's made a path today. Sunny and mild and Pickles is an outdoor gal.

This girl is going to make someone a wonderful pet. Great temperament, very people oriented and housebroken (I think) and a good energy level. So if you're wanting to add loving family member to your household, contact Dawn at Bark N Rest Retirement Center. Pickles is a good, good dog.

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